Adventurists Recommendations

 I highly recommend HYOH Adventures. It's a wonderful and diverse group of people. Alan Maschhoff is a fantastic guide who brings enthusiasm and knowledge to every outing. 

                                                 ~Glenn Stout~

 This group is a safe place to increase you skill and stretch yourself.  I  did my first night hike last night and loved every minute of it.   The  people were nice, generous and Alan is an excellent leader.   You should  come try it out. 

                                                ~Theresa Scott~

 Great group of people to get away on some fun local outdoor interest spots with! 

                                                  ~Jim Mertins~

 Alan  is a proven leader with extensive experience whom also is kind,  respectful, punctual and educational while ensuring our safety in all  situations with every area of the trip including travel to and from the  location, our lodging arrangements as well as time on the trail.  He  provides tips to enhance your current and future experiences by  educating the group on behaviors of wildlife as well as better ways to  use electronic devices to yield a better result.  I would 100 % recommend joining Alan on one of his adventures.  You won’t be disappointed!

Happy hiking!

                                ~Nikkie Petrillo - Boyd~

 Great group of people. Love Alan's heart and mission. I will definitely be going on more adventures with them! 

                                             ~Shannon Joy~

 My husband and I just joined for our first night hike.  The group was  very welcoming and the hike was very nice. We look forward to doing this  again! 

                                                    ~Lisa Gann~

 Experienced leader who is also a great guy, he values teamwork safety and fun.

                                            ~Keith Prokkopp~

 Had a blast on my first outing at The Wichita Wildlife Refuge, very well organized. 

         ~Kim Throckmorton - Kimmel~

 Allen the organizer, is a man of good character.  He is always please to show his love of the great outdoors to people, you will enjoy his events! 

                                              ~Scott Coogan~

 If you’re looking for something fun to do in Tulsa check this place out, It’s a good place to meet cool people.

                                                 ~Brandon Bell~

 Just had my first night hike with the group at Turkey Mt.  Invigorating hike, great people!  Thanks for including me! 

                                   ~Cynthia McNeilance~

 Great hike!  Fun group of people!   

                            ~Jatina Coburn~

 Nice group of people. Thanks Alan for the time and energy put in on the  planning and activates. Looking forward to future adventures! 

                                      ~Ranae Hicks Smith~

 Alan helps us all explore and experience the great outdoors. 

                                                   ~Mary Muir~

 1st hike with HYOH today at Turkey Mountain. This group is very  welcoming. I’m looking forward to many great adventures with them! 

                                              ~Kati Booker~

 Great Group to hike with. 

                  ~Jim Kennedy~

 Had a great time today with this group! 

                                       ~Christi Downs~

 My first outdoor adventure in years and with this group I certainly want to adventure again. 

                                              ~Aleta Nolan~

 I went on my first hiking adventure with HYOH without knowing most of  the other campers.  They took me in and welcomed me like family!!  Everything was wonderful at the campground and the hikes and views we're  absolutely stunning!! I'm definitely going again! I highly recommend  you joining us !! 

                                                ~Janine Brown~

 Amazing people, amazing places, and an amazing leader who is passionate about sharing his love for adventure with others. 

                                      ~Kimberly Church~

Had  a fabulous time this weekend in the Ozarks!!  Alan is a great leader  and planner. He knew all the details of our hike and planned fun, in  town experiences!!  Get out there and try something new!!  We will  definitely add this trip to our great fun adventures list!

                                                 ~Teri Goforth~

 Learned new trails and made new friends. 

                                          ~Rhonda Gilyard~